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5 months old and sleeping badly

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joespanna Wed 23-Jan-13 15:54:11

Hi there my little boy was a great sleeper up until 12 weeks, he got a cold and kept waking throughout the night wanting boob, this has now continued and he is 20 weeks,we have co slept from the start , he is very wriggly in bed when hes asleep and his head turns from side to side looking for boob, I dont think hes really awake half the time. I know theres that sleep regression thing they are meant to have around this age, but he seems to be awake at least every hour or so. Hes not distressed when he wakes and genrally falls back aslleep quickly but im knackered any advice gratefully recived xx

poppy283 Wed 23-Jan-13 15:59:54

Hello, not sure how this would work if you're co-sleeping, but a pillow under the mattress to raise his little head helps if it's a cold.

For me, a noisy sleeper needs putting in his own room. It's something he'll probably grow out of, but it'll give you some peace in the meantime? Nothing against co-sleeping of course, just never worked for me + my grunty babies!

Ds is 5mo and has just started eating purees at suppertime, and his sleep has improved. Could be coincidence though.

joespanna Wed 23-Jan-13 21:19:11

I have to have him in bed with me, we live in a converted lorry, its small so there are no different spaces, we are going to build him a cot at some point but havent got round to it yet as we have to hang it from the ceiling, im hoping that he will just grow out of it, or maybe will improve when he starts eating food.Oh the joys x

poppy283 Thu 24-Jan-13 08:01:33

Oh wow, a lorry?! As you say, he'll grow out of it eventually, hopefully soon.

Perhaps the cot will help?

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