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Rapid return not working

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omama Thu 24-Jan-13 14:18:01

Didnt want to read & run, must be really wearing dealing with it single-handedly.

Does he still nap? Whats his daytime routine ie wakeup time, naptime/length? what time are you trying to get him down at bedtime & what time is he finally asleep? Sorry for all the Q's just want to rule out him not being quite tired enough to sleep as the cause.

Is he crying for you while you sit outside his room or is he just playing around in there? And have you got a gate on the door? If hes not upset, personally i would just leave him to it, & only go in if he cries. Otherwise its probably just becoming a game to him. He may play for a bit, but eventually hell get bored & get into bed. This is what im doing with my 2.5yo ds who has also just gone in a bed & so far seems to be doing the trick. One thing i have made sure of though, the only toys in his room are cuddly teddies so nothing so exciting that it'll entice him out of bed.x

lucylookout Wed 23-Jan-13 22:38:04

No advice I'm sorry, just bumping for you in the hope that someone will come along who does

Seth Wed 23-Jan-13 02:12:56

After a few weeks of DS ( 2.5) arriving in my bed in a nightly basis and me doing all the things that can cause problems ( letting him stay in with me, giving him milk etc) I decided I needed to sort things out. Neither of us were getting any proper sleep for over half the night.

I decided that the thing
I felt most comfortable doing was the rapid return method as I not sure I could stomach hearing him scream if I let him cry it out. ( did try it once -he'd taken his bed apart and flung everything around the room by the time I went back in)

So for the 4th night running I have been up , sitting outside his room going in every 2 minutes and putting him back in bed. Minimal eye contact, efficient , telling him its time for sleep and leaving the room. He doesn't need a nappy change, is not hungry and there is nothing that he needs. I have bought a new night light as at one point he was saying the room was too dark.

Anyway we don't seem to be making any progress! It's been 2 hours each night and around 50/60 'put back into beds' each night!

I had 2/3 nights in my head ( perhaps too optimistically) as that's what the success stories on MN seem to say with a general improvement every night as the message sinks in.

I am a single mum and work full time and an finding this really tough. I think I would have more strength to carry on if I was seeing any signs of things getting better but as it is I can't see light at the end of the tunnel!

Does anyone have any experience or surprised of this to share please? I think I could manage another couple of nights of this but am feeling exhausted and hopeless! Doing this on my own night after night with thoughts of work the next day is just rubbish!

Any advice gratefully received!


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