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Always tired toddler waking early, help!

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omama Tue 22-Jan-13 20:46:41

What time is he going to bed? Have you moved bedtime any earlier to compensate for the fact he hasn't napped?

My ds naps 2-3 times a week max now, but the days he doesnt nap he's in bed 1-1.5hrs earlier than normal. If your ds is getting up so early atm, i'd try a super early bedtime of 5.30 or 6pm & you might find his nights are longer as a result, once hes better rested you can push it all later again. you could also try are a gro-clock so he knows he has to stay in bed in the mornings til the sun comes up. As for dealing with him getting out of bed youve got the supernanny style rapid return - the first time he comes out tell him its sleepy time & take him back to bed, repeat as many times as it takes, or you could try a stair gate at his bedroom door?


liquoriceandtomatoes Mon 21-Jan-13 22:26:07

My ds is 27 mnths and has slept pretty well for over a year obviously with odd weeks here and there but the last 3 weeks his good sleep has gone. I was wondering will it come back anytime soon as it is killing us.

He now won't go to sleep by himself and seems to get jittery and very wired pre bed and yes we have a solid routine that has worked fine until recently. He often wakes in night and is now waking around 5.30am still tired. And he's dropped his lunchtime nap but is now trying to sleep in pushchair at all hours. He plays sleep games all day yet won't sleep at lunch or at bed and is sleeping maybe 9 hours which doesn't seem right for his age. He's in a bed now not a cot so he wanders into our room when awake and often doesn't want to go to bed at evening. How can we stop the early mornings, help him to sleep again and will it pass soon????????

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