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Anyone else found swaddling their baby makes it harder for them to pass wind?

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iloveholidays Sun 20-Jan-13 06:44:14

I should know the answer to this as DD1&2 were both swaddled but didn't have the same problem.

DD3 is 10 weeks old and I've just started getting her down for bed at 7ish which is going fine, but... She tends to wake at 12 for a feed and I'm then really struggling to get her back down. She goes down but she is very fidgety and just generally seems uncomfortable although not in pain. She fidgets and wriggles until she wakes herself up. This went on for 4 hours two nights ago when I ended up just letting her sleep on me and again the same last night.

Previously she would have cuddles with DP downstairs whilst I got a few hours sleep then he'd bring her up to me so she wasn't swaddled during this time and I just wondered whether being swaddled for longer might be restricting her passing wind, although haven't had this before.

Probably all be different again tonight but thought I'd see if anyone had anything similar and whether I should think about using grobag tonight.


zoobaby Wed 23-Jan-13 21:25:49

DS really needs swaddling as his startle reflex is still really strong. He hated every second of attempting to transition to a grobag a couple of weeks ago. With him, passing wind is no problem (quite the opposite) but I do tend to keep the swaddle quite loose around the hips/legs. What I've found with him is if the swaddle isn't holding his arms/hands sufficiently, he'll spend ages trying to get his hands up to his mouth, moaning and grunting and waking himself. However if the hands are stuck he'll fall asleep before remembering they're in there somewhere.

zoobaby Wed 23-Jan-13 21:31:57

Maybe your DD is waking too much? Keep reading on here about the magic of the dream feed. Can't vouch for it myself as DS has night routine at 9pm. Might be worth trying. Also, when DS was a lot smaller we did discover that he struggled with wind whenever DP had done the overnight nappy. Turned out he was putting it on tighter than me.

iloveholidays Thu 24-Jan-13 03:12:02

Thanks. You might have a point with the hands as she does like sucking on them. I used to just feed her still swaddled but I've been urns waddling when she wakes then swaddling her again when I put her down which has helped a bit.

Don't want to do a dream feed. Worked with DD1 until I stopped it then had 3 months of hellish sleep so didn't bother with DD2 and everything went a lot smoother so don't plan to do it again. Plus I tend to go to bed fairly early to catch up. She has just slept from 7 till 2am!! smile. Longest yet so maybe things are improving, providing she goes backdown in a minute! smile

Thanks again

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