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3mth old great sleeper, 4yo and 2yo terrible sleepers. Losing the will....please help

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blueberry1972 Fri 18-Jan-13 18:51:32

DD1 is 3mths old and sleeps well, waking twice in the night around 11pm and between 3-4am. Ds1 is 4yo and DS2 is 2.1 and they share a room. Both go off to sleep well at 730pm. The trouble starts when ds2 wakes around 1am and comes into our room screaming. We have tried taking him back to his bed (shares a room with ds1) and tends to go off again after about 1-2hrs. This has been going on since August last year. On a good night ds2 will settle with us then wake at about 530am and is ready to start the day. I am done in as I don't tend to sleep after dd's night feed so most nights I'm awake from 4am. Day times are just horrid. Ds2 is exhausted and wants to sleep but won't sleep unless taken out in the car. Ds1 is in reception and has fallen asleep in class as he's being woken by his brother. I'm at the end of my tether. Please help me.

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