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16 month old & early waking - urgh!

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1500mmania Thu 17-Jan-13 09:48:06

My DD has alway liked an early start and now I'm happy if she sleeps past 6. Since Xmas though her sleep has got worse and the last couple of days she has been waking at 4.30. She is obviously knackered and needs more sleep but is fighting going back to sleep.

She is at a childminders who just let's them sleep whenever they seem tired which was working fine before Xmas but she is always quite vague about how much and when she sleeps. Over Xmas I noticed that his naps had become quite a bit shorter (45mins to an hour) and so when I have her at home with me if she only has 45mins in the morning I'll then give her an afternoon nap of another 45mins as well - which seems to help.

Basically I think she is overtired but not sure how to lengthen the daytime nap back to 1.5 that she used to have. Also don't know how to broach with CM that she probably needs to get more sleep there. Does your CM write down how long your baby sleep when they are there? Do you think it would be ok to ask them to do this so I can find out what is going on sleep wise?

Anyone got any tips to help with EMW at this age or is it just a phase? What is your 16month old naps like?

omama Thu 17-Jan-13 14:54:11

Hiya I think at this age, if she is still having 2 naps, you will struggle to get both of them back up to 1.5hrs. Its quite normal for them to drop to 1 nap anytime between 15-18 months, so i think this is probably what you need to work towards. I suspect the emw will be because she still has a morning nap, which enables her to catch up on lost night sleep at the nap. Equally the short nap may be a sign she needs longer awake before her nap, or ig may be an overtiredness thing, ddue to the short night. Either way,kerpong a morning nap will keep her in the EW cycle. Post her routine (wake time, naptimes & length & bedtime) & am sure folks will offer suggestions. My initial suggestion wld be to slowly push her morning nap later by 15mins per week, eventually her wakeup time will follow suit & nap 2 willbe refused.

Wrt childminder mine goes to nursery so cant help much but would think u were well within your rights to askher to document you dd's sleep & neighbour is a cm & i lnow she does this, much the same as i get from nursery for my ds.

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