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5 month old ebf sleep changes

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Weekipper Thu 17-Jan-13 08:34:33

We were lucky our DD used to wake once maybe twice from 6 weeks. In the last week she's started waking 4 times a night, starting an hour or so after being put down at 7pm. She is fed to drowsy and is seeming hungry at each waking.

This would be fair enough but for the last 2 weeks she's been having more dirty nappies especially after feeding. These nappies are now bright green and has mucous. So now she has a poo at 12 and 4.30am which needs changed and then doesn't sleep for 1.5 hrs. she initially isn't crying but babbling which escalates until I go to her. Then she smiles! Aargh! confused

Weekipper Thu 17-Jan-13 08:34:55

What's going on?

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