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Help needed to get baby to self settle

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melonribena Tue 15-Jan-13 20:21:39

Hi, I've got an almost 6 mth old baby. He's exclusively breastfed - just starting weaning - and has had problems feeding due to a posterior tongue tie.

The tongue tie meant that he fed very regularly from birth and inadvertently led to feeding to sleep. Because it worked and i was getting some sleep i went with it. This worked for nap times and bedtimes up to a month ago.

Since then he won't feed to sleep for naps so I have to help him nap in the buggy or car seat, obviously not ideal. He won't self settle in his cot.

He feeds to sleep well at night but wakes instantly when I try to move him into his cot - no matter how long I wait. He also now wakes up when i get off the bed, so i find myself wasting evenings lying next to a sleeping baby.

He wakes up in increments of between 1 and 4 hours for a feed in the night, but although I co sleep to get more sleep, I'm keen to get him in his cot.

After all that rambling I would appreciate any help with the following issues

1. How can I get him to self settle for nap times and bedtime.
2. How can I help him to nap alone so I don't have to lie with him

Thanks in hopeful advance

CharlandOscar Wed 16-Jan-13 14:33:49

I've got a very alert 9 1/2 week old and been reading up lots of sleep and naps etc, trying to not get into bad habits.. So far I'm using a combination of a dummy and rocking to sleep! I'm also bringing my DS into bed with me at about 5 am... (breast feeding)
Maybe try reading the 'no cry' solutions- No Cry Sleep Solution, by Elizabeth Pantley
She also has a book about naps.

from what I gather so far; one thing at a time. I'm trying to stop him using the dummy first then everything else after that!

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