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17mo very regularly waking 2-3 times - common/normal??

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redundant Mon 07-Jan-13 12:00:31


My 17 mo is under paediatric care as he has been quite challenging (extreme "tantrums" for want of a better word, doesn't eat well, not thriving). He has improved lots in certain areas of his life, but sleep is not one of them. I have lost sight of what's normal and would be really grateful for others perspectives.

Looking at my diary, from 14 Nov to today he has slept through 11 times (am counting getting up anything after 6am as sleeping through). The other nights he wakes anything from once to 4/5 times, generally screaming rather than crying. Does that sound awful or ok to you?

I have wondered if it is a really extreme reaction to teething (no teeth arrived since diary started though) - we generally calpol him in the night to be safe, give him a drink of water and put him back down.

It has been going on so long (he had a spell of sleeping through till 5/5.30 ish when he was about 1yo) that I have no idea if I should be saying to the doctor that this is a problem/not normal or whether I just need to keep on going. We're all exhausted, obviously, but its been going on so long we are somehow managing!

thanks all x

wanderingalbatross Wed 09-Jan-13 20:37:57

Another one whose (19mo) wakes regularly in the night smile She doesn't very often sleep through, and when she does it's inevitably on a night when I didn't sleep well for some reason or another!!

We normally start off the night in separate rooms, but co-sleep when she wakes the first time as she settles fairly quickly in our bed, and neither I nor DH can face waking up properly to settle her any other way. I think she just wakes up confused and wants a bit of reassurance. On some occasions she won't settle and it's normally because she's hungry, so she gets a simple snack and a drink of water.

DW123 Thu 10-Jan-13 13:50:30

Redundant and slipsliding - thank you for your messages. It's actually getting better so there is hope! When he was about 9 months old he woke every 90 mins- 2 hours, then it went to 3-4 times a night and now it's 2-3 times. Last night he woke at 11 and 5 (don't expect to happen again - just saying). The nighttime screaming is slightly less intense although he is more clingy during the day (but has been very ill). The comforting thing for me is that I know it's nothing I am doing wrong as his brother sleeps ok (at the moment and just saying again). Hoping both of you get some better nights soon - and daytime stuff works out for redundant.

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