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DS stopped napping after giving up dummy

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jammiecat Wed 02-Jan-13 15:57:54

We've just gone cold turkey with DS's dummy (he is 2.3). No problems at night, he willingly gave up his dummies in exchange for a gift and with a few mutterings of "my dummy gone" has slept fine for the past week. However, in the same week he has only had one daytime nap. Before giving up his dummy he would normally sleep for an hour at nursery (3 days a week) and 2-3 hours at home. He clearly still needs his nap as he has been getting quite ratty towards the end of the afternoon and is sleeping 14 hours at night (usually max 12 hours). This has only been possible due to holidays but he will need to be woken once he is back at nursery/activities resume next week. Has anyone got any suggestions, I don't really want to return to the dummy for daytime but I do feel he does need his afternoon sleep. At the moment if I put him upstairs he just plays/reads books until I give up and fetch him.

BlackSwan Wed 02-Jan-13 22:40:35

Good bye dummy, good bye nap. Quid pro quo.

My guess is you try various things which don't work until he goes back to nursery next week - then he will either sleep and nursery and not with you, or sleep both at nursery and home again. I'm genuinely curious. These little people invent the most perplexing problems.

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