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12mo started 1nap wwyd

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Madallie Sat 29-Dec-12 19:12:14

Basically I have started 12mo dd on 1nap at noon. She was doing 2 before but was not getting tired for pm nap until it got v late. Our routine was going a bit like this:

6.30/7am -wake
10-11am nap (I would wake)
3/3.30-4.00/4.15 (latest)- nap
7pm - bed although was taking 40mins to settle

Past few days I have tried one nap. 1st day she napped only 1hr 15 then slept 11.5hrs, then she napped 1hr15mins and slept 13HOURS last night (this has never happened before. Again today we only got 1hr 10mins nap!

Do you think we should continue for a week or so to see how this goes or is short nap a sign of OT that will send this all crashing down? Am thinking her body clock might start evening our her day/night sleep e.g. wake 7, nap 12-2, bed 7pm.

What do you think>

breatheslowly Sat 29-Dec-12 20:05:07

DD switched to 1 nap at 12 mo because that was was what they did at nursery. She has never had long naps at this time - generally about 50min-1hr 15min, with the odd day of 2 hours. I wouldn't worry, provided she is getting enough sleep in total.

Madallie Sat 29-Dec-12 20:30:16

Thanks breath. I think I Will continue for at least a week at see how we go.

If she has at least 11.5-12hrs nightime sleep, I guess we're ok with 1hr ish naps. I think the 13hrs night sleep last night was just a (wonderful) fluke.

2 naps just seems too hard to fit in for her. Once it gets to 3.30pm I just feel like it's too late to start a nap.

Twattergy Sat 29-Dec-12 21:16:32

Def stick with one nap, sounds fine to me. Ds does 1.15 normally and up to 2 hr on rare occasion. They do need less day sleep as get bigger. I'm still waiting for the longer night sleep though still getting 11 hours max.

Madallie Sun 30-Dec-12 08:34:24

Thanks Twaggerty.

Still confused and not sure tbh! Yesterday was:

7.45am - wake
6.45- asleep for the night

BUT she was restless and woke twice which she very rarely does and was crying. Waking were before midnight, then she slept really well until 7.30am. I know the NW scream of OT but I'm wondering if it'll just take her a while to get used to the new routine. If she had woke in the night again or been restless still or woke early in the morning then I would have def tried 2 naps but I thought it best to let her sleep.

I just don't see how 2 naps will continue to work if she's not sleeping in pm until 3/3.30 or 4pm.

Not sure what to do now!

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