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Been in hospital and my LO won't sleep

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mrsjagz Sat 29-Dec-12 10:53:08

Hi there,

I have just spent four nights in hospital with my 27 month old, being prodded and poked every few hours having antibiotic injections, plus the usual obs in between. Prior to this he slept perfectly from being 6 weeks old. I could lay him to bed and within 10 minutes he was asleep without fail (unless ill) I have now been home for 2 weeks and he is refusing to go down at night and can take up to 4 hrs before he gives in and then he is waking every couple of hours and won't go back over unless I am there. I also have a four year old that this is disturbing and I am so tired the next day as I am on my own. Has anyone else been through this I would more than welcome any advice.

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