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5 week old -Sleep pattern disrupted

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StarOfLightMcKings3 Sat 29-Dec-12 16:50:23

Nowt wrong with high expectations, but with a bit of flexibility. smile

can6342 Sat 29-Dec-12 13:54:52

Ah, thanks everyone! I feel a bit better having got some sleep and i agree it's not anyone's fault, I think I was just having a crazy woman vent!
He's still consistently awake from about midnight till 5.30am and cluster feeding most of this time (he sleeps solidly after 6am!). I'm trying to make a distinction between day and night but bless him, he's not got it yet smile
Thank you for your replies, I think I'm expecting too much from my littly! Xxx

mummybare Thu 27-Dec-12 10:17:54

DD loved the stretchy sling at that age too <also a hippy>

I think when you say 'routine', people get visions of a Gina Ford-esque strict daily pattern, which is a complete waste of time challenging with a 5-week-old. But they can learn the difference between day and night quite quickly and start to organise their sleep so the majority of it - and the longest stretch - happens at night. Some take to it better than others, I'm sure, but your little one seemed to do well initially, OP, so I'm sure he'll fall back into it soon enough.

Good luck smile

Flisspaps Thu 27-Dec-12 09:39:54

I am amazed you've got any sort of pattern with a 5 week old.

DS is 8mo and only now are we getting a routine/pattern going blush

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Thu 27-Dec-12 09:28:45

Thanks, Math, I haven't bothered with any books would just like a little predictability!

We definitely do better when we've been out, mine prefers the sling to the push chair, possibly because it keeps him warm and close (stretchy wrap type) <hippy>

mummybare Thu 27-Dec-12 07:25:15

Don't beat yourself up or get angry with the rellies - it's inevitable babies' sleep will get disrupted this time of year. To try and get back on track make sure baby knows the difference between day and night by keeping night feeds dark and quiet and trying to get lots of natural daylight (well, as much as possible anyway when it's so dingy out - it's supposed to help set their body clock).

And in the meantime, don't worry about sleeping in the day when baby sleeps. You need your rest.

mathanxiety Thu 27-Dec-12 06:20:12

Don't know how I managed to strike that bit out confused

mathanxiety Thu 27-Dec-12 06:19:41

Babies' sleep patterns change all the time. You can never count on having two weeks straight of any given pattern. It might not be the in-laws that has disrupted him, but just the fact that he is able to see more of his surroundings when he's awake, or maybe he is hungrier because of a growth spurt coming up.

When you have him all to yourself, try doing what you were doing before and see how it goes.

To Purple I never managed to impose a routine mine were averse to it so I just went with the flow. It was a huge change for me with DD1 but by the time I had my third it was much easier. Best thing I ever did was stopped watching clocks and being bothered by all the 'shoulds' in the baby books.

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Thu 27-Dec-12 05:11:30

Lurking for tips, mine does his own merry thing and I want a routine! envy

PurplePidjChickIsNotTheMessiah Thu 27-Dec-12 05:11:30

Lurking for tips, mine does his own merry thing and I want a routine! envy

can6342 Thu 27-Dec-12 04:53:10

Hi, i'm looking for a bit of advice from you very knowledgable people! My 5week old fell into a fantastic routine very easily after he was born... From about 3 weeks old he'd cluster feed (he's fully bf) till midnight, then sleep really well, waking for a feed at 4am and again at 8am. He self settles too so I know I'm really lucky!
However since staying at the in-laws for Xmas, its all gone to pot. They spent all day Xmas eve cuddling DS and whenever he woke they shushed him back to sleep. I should have been firmer in getting them to put him down for one second but they wanted cuddles as they don't see him too often. So he basically slept all day and was up all night, and has continued doing that for the last three days! Thanks so much stupid in-laws, its muggins here who has to deal with the fallout! (I know I'm being harsh but hey, I've been up all night - again!).
Does anyone have any tips for a knackered first time mum, to get him back where he was? Thank you!!

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