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Help my toddlers driving me mad!

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Alamaya Thu 27-Dec-12 01:06:48

Hi all,

My 19 Month old was a gorgeous sleeper up to say 13-14 months. Gradually its gone downhill. From her going to bed awake, to rocking her, to her nodding in our bed and moving her to her cotbed to now where she refuses to go into the cotbed screams blue murder and ends up sleeping in our bed literally all night, (hubby has to go up with her around 8-9pm as she wont sleep alone anymore).

All this sounds bad right but heres the thing i have a 7 week old aswell. Me and my newborn are having to sleep downstairs as obviously with toddler in the bedroom i cannot also fit newborn and me too. Ironically enough the newborn sleeps beautifully.

We tried controlled crying recently in which she screamed so loud and bad she vomited everywhere. By this point she was hysterical and took hours and hours to calm her.

Me and hubby at wits end we have had not even an hour together recently.

Oh and with regards to naps she has one for 1-2 hours a day where we let her fall asleep naturally on the settee.

Please if anyone could offer advice im desperate and very lonley.

Bessie123 Thu 27-Dec-12 01:09:27

Oh dear, that sounds very tough. I'm sorry, I don't have anything to say but wanted to post in sympathy. I have heard that some people use a company called Millpond to help with sleep problems.

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