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DD 24m used to go to sleep no probs, now it's hell, please help!

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minimuffy Wed 26-Dec-12 21:11:10

DD 2yrs, used to be great to go to sleep put her in her bed and most nights she'd roll over and go to sleep no probs. a couple of nights she might need a cuddle and put back down a couple of times before she'd settle ,but nothing awful. if she woke during the night we would often just bring her into our bed and she would go back to sleep. bed time was 7.30pm

for the last 2-3 weeks she has been crying as soon as we leave the room, pick up put down, not really helping as she gets even more upset each time we leave. taking up to 2 hours for her to settle and now if she wakes during the night she wont settle in our bed and takes another 2 hours to settle.

i dont even know where to start. she's not teething, she's in cot bed thats been turned into a bed, also has bed rail. even kept her up a bit later till 8.45 but shes still screaming the place down.

she eventaully fell back asleep last night after DH went into her bed (must have been some sight a 6' man in sharing a cot bed!)

any ideas anyone?

Gilberte Wed 26-Dec-12 21:13:02

Similar thread here in which I have posted on. You are not alone!

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