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Sleeping in pram at night

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minibmw2010 Mon 24-Dec-12 20:13:33

Raise her cot, put 2 books of yellow pages depth or similar and it'll make the world of difference x

thinkfast Mon 24-Dec-12 19:42:49

My ds had terrible croup at 8 months and I spent about 10 days with him sleeping in his pushchair with me on the sofa next to him. He needed to be more upright to stop coughing. Took a couple of days to get him used to his cot again afterwards but he was fine

blushingmare Mon 24-Dec-12 19:08:50

Oh and it's the pushchair attachment not the carrycot. I think the carrycot would probably have been ok, but she never slept in that either! Have tried all the tricks in the book about raising the head etc - makes no difference, but as soon as her bum touches the pushchair she's out like a light - she just loves it in there!

blushingmare Mon 24-Dec-12 19:04:33

Thanks - I thought it probably wasn't a good idea all night, but sleep deprivation has addled my brain enough so I couldn't think why! blush

OhMittens Mon 24-Dec-12 14:46:44

I mean moving around more not climbing as such, but you get the picture smile

OhMittens Mon 24-Dec-12 14:42:02

At 6mo it won't be long before she is climbing, so no, I wouldn't let her sleep all night in a pram (ie unsupervised, different to a nap when you are checking on her frequently and can hear her movements). She will also be trying to sit up/pull herself up before you know it. Also the ventilation is not the same as a cot or crib with bars on the side.
I used to put rolled-up muslins under the cot mattress (not in the cot with them) to raise it very slightly at one end.
Also as a cautionary note re sleeping in prams I read of a couple who stayed in a B&B overnight and put the baby to sleep in the pram. During the night the pram tipped over and the baby had suffocated sad in the small space between the twin beds where they had placed the pram. I know that's a one-off tragedy but obviously, they never thought it would be dangerous until the unthinkable happened. They might have thought wedging the pram into position was safer stability-wise than it being surrounded by space.
Safety first, and the safest place is probably a cot compared to a pram for all-night sleeps IMO.

merryng Mon 24-Dec-12 14:34:59

Hi. I used to work for a baby list company. There are very strict regulations as to which prams/carrycots are considered 'safe for overnight sleeping'. These are defined by many things, from the very important (airflow ability of mattress and pram base), to the seemingly trivial (if any knobs protrude from the outside of carry cot it's not considered safe add it could be kicked or knocked!). Your main concern would be for airflow or overheating. You should be able to check on the iCandy website what the official line is, but as long as the baby is in the'feet to foot' position and not too warm you should be ok. smile

SingingSands Mon 24-Dec-12 14:27:02

Mine did, I took the carry cot bit upstairs every night. I bought a carry cot mattress for it, think it was about £12 from mamas and papas (shows how long ago!) as the pram mattress was very thin. Both kids slept great, esp DS who hated the crib. Crib went in lift, carry cot went in bedroom every night until he went in own cot at 4 months.

ginmakesitallok Mon 24-Dec-12 14:25:49

We let DD2 sleep in her carrycot at night - she hated the moses basket. She did go in a cot when big enough though

2beornot Mon 24-Dec-12 14:24:05

Sounds ok, but we used to put cushions under dd's mattress to raise it up at one end. It had the same effect.

quitcomplaining Mon 24-Dec-12 14:22:32

I would imagine it's fine. However it's not a habit I would want to get into long term. You may find once she is used to it you can never get her to sleep in a cot again!

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 24-Dec-12 14:19:33

No, it's fine. Babies used to sleep in drawers wrapped in old bloomers after all smile

blushingmare Mon 24-Dec-12 10:42:34

Would there be anything wrong with it? From a safety/development perspective I mean.

DD now naps really well during the day in her buggy, but nights are a different matter altogether. She has a cold at the moment and woke up at 4 this morning really congested so I went downstairs and put her down in the pram as the shape of the seat means her head is slightly raised, even when it's reclined flat. She slept for 4 hours!!! She's never slept that long, ever! Made me think, only half jokingly, maybe we should forget about the cot altogether and just have her sleeping in the pram the while time, but sure there must be a reason why people don't do that?

It's an iCandy Strawberry, with the pushchair seat attachment that reclines flat and a sheepskin liner. She's 6mo.

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