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should I be worried after giving calpol?

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Snusmumriken Sat 22-Dec-12 23:21:46

Being a parent is very hard on the nerves!

I think I would call NHS direct or your out of hours GP. I am sure you LO is fine, but it is best to double check.

Good luck!

LylaLils Sat 22-Dec-12 22:42:48

My 3 month old is teething, I got this confirmed with doc at his jabs last week. Today I gave him calpol. Since then he's slept 6 hours. He's never slept this long, day or night...but especially in the day. He usually only sleeps an hour at most in the day so this is highly unusual. He's still sound asleep now.

Can't help but worry. Should I just be happy he's no longer in pain and I've a break from the crying? Or should I be worried??

God being a mum is a worrying business.

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