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How should i bring 3mo bedtime earlier?

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MadMonkeys Fri 21-Dec-12 23:05:32

Dd2 is 3mo, she is bf all except for last feed which is a bottle st 10pm. She then sleeps from about 11.30pm until about 8.30am. I know how good this is, dd1 didn't sleep like that for ages... Anyway, this works fine, but for the last week or so she has stopped being wide awake in the evenings - she doses on me, sickles for comfort, bf, and cries with tiredness on and off from 7ish til her bottle. Last night and tonight she slept on me for most of that period, so I think she's ready for an earlier bedtime.

I don't want to mess this up as she sleeps so well. Should I bf her at 7 and put her to bed, or give get the bottle then as she is used to that at bedtime? What time should I put her to bed? 7pm? Or should I gradually bring bedtime forward? Should I wake her at, say, 7am? Any advice on how to manage the transition would be great. Oh and she is used to dh putting her to bed, but he doesn't get home from work in time for, day, a 7pm bedtime.

MadMonkeys Fri 21-Dec-12 23:06:46

...suckles for comfort, obviously. Stupid phone!

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