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Light at the end of the tunnel

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Bundlejoycosysweet Wed 19-Dec-12 14:41:10


Meant to post this ages ago as I used to haunt this board when my DD was NOT sleeping but since she is now sleeping brill I haven't been back. But just wanted to post to say that even sometimes when it seems like things will never get better and baby will never sleep, sometimes it works out and they can become amazing sleepers!

Bit of background: DD (DC3) would not sleep in moses basket, only on me, took weeks of faffing to finally get her in her moses basket but generally she would wake every few hours to feed and then become stuck to me like a limpet, refusing to go back in basket.

When I finally moved her to her cot in her own room I was still in and out all night and generally ended up sleeping with her on the sofa in her room from about 4am every night. I was exhausted and desperate (especially as I had DS 1 and 2 to look after as well).

I tried reading No Cry Sleep Solution and started a sleep training support thread on here where I basically worked on getting her to go to sleep without feeding to sleep. This was at about 5 months old. It took a few weeks but we finally got to the point where I could feed her, put her in the cot awake but dozy and she would go to sleep.

She still woke up tons in the night though and what was worse she would often want to be awake and hang out at 3am...I was not keen.

Anyways once she was weaned I was more confident to ignore her a bit as she was eating plenty and then just like that at seven months she started to sleep through. Her brothers had both also started sleeping through at the same age but had been so much less high maintenance I honestly thought she would never do it.

To cut a long story short she is now 11 months and sleeps and naps like a total log! it is amazing! So please take heart, it can happen, bad sleepers can turn good.

ClairesTravellingCircus Wed 19-Dec-12 15:35:44

Thanks bundlejoy, that is encouraging!

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