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stress stopping me sleeping

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Emmielu Mon 17-Dec-12 21:53:57

I've never had trouble sleeping before. I think stress is stopping me. money trouble and just moved into first home so it makes sense. I've not slept well for 3 weeks now and its taking its toll emotionally now. I can't drop a glass without crying. any ideas on sleep help?

mcyawny Mon 17-Dec-12 21:59:39

Have you tried a warm bath before bed, maybe add lavender oil. Ovaltine, or warm milky drink. Turn tv off, phone off and other distractions/stimulants long before bed. Cut out caffeine? Take a long walk or exercise before bed.
What are the money worries and stresses exactly, can you treat the cause or get some help with them?
Although it's for a different reason I know how much lack of sleep can take it's toll.
Hope you can sort it soon x

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