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12mo - 1 nap or 2? Your opinions

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Madallie Sun 16-Dec-12 20:17:20

dd, self settles, is sleeping 11.5/12hrs at night. Her routine is:

10.15-11.15 - nap
3-3.50/4 - nap
7pm - bed

pm nap seems to be getting later and a bit shorter. Was wondering if I should perhaps put her down at about 11.30/noon for 1 nap instead?
Any thoughts?

Lizhop Thu 20-Dec-12 16:32:47

My little one stopped afternoon nap at about 13 months, so now his routine is:

6-7: wakes
10-11: nap for anywhere between 30mins-2 hours
6.30: bedtime

Sleeps through and is happy during day, gets a little dopey and clumsy bout 5ish but even if he has 15 mins nap in afternoon it effects his bedtime really badly so stopped it all together and now will not let him sleep in afternoon :-)

Hope this helps xx

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