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Where online does big grow bags?

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Sleepstarved Mon 10-Dec-12 14:05:12

DD is 21 months but already her feet are at the bottom of an 18-36 month one from John Lewis.
I know they do bigger ones in store but that is the biggest size they do online.
My DF has asked what to buy for Christmas and apart from even more toys, this would be the most useful thing. He does not do 'shops' hence the need for them to be online.
She is a wriggle monster in the night and not ready for a duvet yet.

Suchanamateur Mon 10-Dec-12 14:28:31

Expensive but worth it (especially if a present!): bambino merino. Their toddler bags are big - my nearly 3 yo could happily fit in it for another year. And they're online.

AppleAndBlackberry Mon 10-Dec-12 14:29:57

How about a GroBag 18-36m one? My 21mo has lots of space left in hers.

pELFicFloorClenchReminder Mon 10-Dec-12 14:33:08

The Gro Store does 3 to 6 years ones, would they work?

DeathMetalMum Mon 10-Dec-12 22:17:08

I have just bought one from Amazon in 12-36 months for DD who is 23 Mmonths and it is huge. We have another one which was supposed to be up to 36 monyhs and this is much longer. Good price too.

DeathMetalMum Mon 10-Dec-12 22:17:55

Oops apologies for the terrible typing using my phone!

Ihatepeas Tue 11-Dec-12 18:59:06

JoJo Maman bebe do big ones.

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