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Baby waking hourly, please help

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whenwilltherebegoodnews Mon 10-Dec-12 06:56:53

DS (5 months) has taken to waking hourly during the latter half of the night. It can take anything up to an hour to settle him, then he wakes again. And again. I can only settle him with the dummy so I think he has become reliant on it. I usually end up taking him into bed but he still wakes as frequently.

He's not hungry, teething or ill as far as I can tell. My DH and I are at breaking point. Should I ditch the dummy and help him self settle?

His naps are all to hell as well as I have an older DC and the poor mite often has to fit naps round her routine/activities. There does seem to be a small improvement if he's had decent naps.

I need to try and sort this over the Christmas hols. Help!

GoldPlatedNineDoors Mon 10-Dec-12 07:04:58

Keep the dunmies but focus on daytime sleeps. Once you have then nailed, then tackle night time.

I know he has to work aroubd the other dcs - could you put him down for sleeps in his pram, then he is portable if you need to still be out and about? At that age, dd would get put down 1.5 hrs after she last woke, regardless if she seemed tired.

Also, check the temperature of his bedroom. Dd had been getting restless during the earlyhours and we upped the temperature by a couple of degrees and she stays sleeping for longer.

What milk does he have during the night?

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