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Sorting out going to sleep issues when your children share a room

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quoteunquote Sat 08-Dec-12 18:05:11

this I find works for any age group sleeping in a shared space,

read them their story, then sit there and read you own book to yourself, so they can't talk, play up, once the distractions are not happing, boredom sends them to sleep.

WashingtonIrving Fri 07-Dec-12 22:53:01

My 3yo and 5yo share a room, 5yo has always been very good at going to sleep. 3 yo is getting progressively worse…

He jumps around, plays up “more water mummy” “ another kiss mummy” “need a kiss from daddy” etc etc and whilst I know it’s not the best we end up giving in to a certain amount of demands and then getting a bit annoyed just to try and stop him quickly as my 5yo starts getting upset at being disturbed whilst going to sleep. Vicious circle I know.

How do you manage the endless say goodnight, leave the room, they howl, come and find you, you put them back to bed etc etc whilst your children are sharing a room?

We have no other room. And if we put 5yo to sleep in our room for a few nights and sit it out I fear 5 yo will get attached to sleeping in our room! (he loves a routine and is fabulously, if slightly annoyingly in this case, adaptable…)

Any advice? It’s driving me nuts!

Thanks in advance

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