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Sleep, or lack of, please help!

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ClairesTravellingCircus Thu 06-Dec-12 14:08:38

Posted this in multiple births, but thought I might get more traffic here, any help greatly appreciated!

I need help, before my family implodes and we start yelling abuse to each other!

I have 10 month old twins and 2 older dds.
The twins are very bad sleepers, dtg especially is an absolute nightmare.
She only goes to sleep if I feed her and nothing else will work, no amount of jiggling rocking or stroking Nada. (she finds it hard even in the pushchair/car)

She doesn't take a bottle or a dummy, she hasn't taken to any comfort toy, she will not suck her thumb (even though she did briefly between 3-4 months the little bugger...)

The problem is this feeding to sleep business can take up to an hour, several times a night, plus I need to deal with her brother wakings as well, and you can see my nights are pretty short.

I need to find a way of getting her to sleep in another way, as we are all sleep deprived and grumpy, dd1&2 are not getting enough attention from us, and we do not exist anymore as a couple

I cannot even begin to think of anything like CC as I can't imagine how would that work with twins (don't they wake each other up??) plus I am always on my own at bed time (except sat-sun).

Or will it just go away on its own? [hopeful emoticon]

any advice is greatly appreciated

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