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Night terrors in older children

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Jo2508 Thu 06-Dec-12 12:47:19

Hi there - last night my DD (8) had a full on night terror episode, which was really quite scary to witness. She was screaming, crying inconsolably, shaking, shouting 'Mummy, where are you, where are you' when I was right there trying to hold her, pointing at the corner of the room and moaning incoherently about a parcel and it being too large to unwrap. It went on for about 10 minutes, every time I managed to get her to lie down, she would shoot up again and was hitting out at me, almost like she was trying to knock something out of the way.
Eventually she calmed down and I managed to cuddle her back to sleep. She woke up in the morning with absolutely no recollection of it.
I've been reading up on night terrors and it seems that they actually tail off at this age rather than start, so was wondering if anyone had experience of it the other way around? The previous 2 nights, she was sleepwalking/talking but nothing like this and it was easy to just lead her back to bed. She has been ill the last few days and apparently this can sometimes trigger a night terror. Just wanted some reassurance that this is (relatively!) normal!

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