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So tired, 10mo short naps, wakes early, can't settle. Help!

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Fivemoreminutesmummy Thu 06-Dec-12 09:37:56

My DS2 is 10mo and has never been a great sleeper but things are not getting any better and we have numerous sleep issues.

It's bothering me now as I've not had a full night 's sleep in nearly a year and both DH and I are exhausted.
DS2 wakes early (4-5am) and will not resettle. He's not been fed at night since 6mo as HV said he didn't need it as he's a big boy. Bringing him in with us doesn't help so we generally go in, pat and reassure him but he continues to cry and we give in around 6am and get up with him.

He is still tired when he gets up so we know he's not had enough sleep. He's also not starving so I don't think food is the issue.

Naps are also rubbish- I put him down sleepy but awake and he often cries and finds it hard to settle. When he does settle, naps often only last 30 mins.
DS1 is 3 so we are usually out and about in the afternoons which I think is also why I'm struggling to create any kind of routine. I feel our days are spent tired, struggling through. When DS2 has slept well, he's so delightful and chilled out but I feel it's my fault he's not in a good routine and I want to help him be a good sleeper.

As an aside, a lot of my friends have had babies this year, all of whom seem to be excellent sleepers and I can't help but compare!

Sorry for the long post, any help much appreciated.

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