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Why is DD3 so wide awake after night feeds?

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iloveholidays Thu 06-Dec-12 04:09:48

It's not that I'd be worried as such, just suspect she'd make noise and also I just can't switch off knowing she's awake as the chances are she'll have me up any moment!

DD1&2 just fell asleep whilst feeding so never had this problem, just annoying when I'm up for 2 hours and she'd only fed for half hour of that!!!

Wondering if I should be trying to keep her up more during the day, but again I don't want to if she needs her sleep.

BabiesNeedInstructions Thu 06-Dec-12 03:36:26

Have you got a mobile you could hang over the cot to entertain her until she gets sleepy? Like Bertie I used to use this kind of thing as childcare for ds1 so I could grab 30 minutes more sleep. She's perfectly safe in her cot and will wake you when she starts fussing anyway.

BertieBotts Thu 06-Dec-12 01:52:27

I don't know, that's what I used to do anyway blush I figured a newborn isn't exactly going to crawl off and cause havoc and he just wants to be near me, so I might as well sleep, he won't know the difference. Is that really bad?

I think they learn the difference between night and day quicker this way too because if I opened my eyes a crack to check on DS when I was falling asleep I'd see him also closing his eyes as though to copy me! And then he'd soon fall asleep himself, but I'd have been quite happy sleeping if he was awake as long as I knew he was safe <probably bad mother emoticon>

iloveholidays Thu 06-Dec-12 00:32:35

Hadn't really thought of that although doubt I'd sleep if she was awake. I have to swaddle her to get her to sleep in the Moses basket and if I swaddle when she's wide awake she fights it so tend to get her sleepy, then swaddle then put her down.

She's now been awake for nearly 2 hours but only probably fed for an hour tops!! Just frustrating.

BertieBotts Thu 06-Dec-12 00:27:37

If she's not distressed will she not just lie in her cot or on the bed next to you while you snooze/sleep?

iloveholidays Thu 06-Dec-12 00:27:05

She has 2 older sisters who are very loud during the day so lots of stimulation during the day. Every night she tends to feed then just take ages to settle. Not distressed just really wide awake.

She is 4 weeks at the weekend.

Any suggestions?


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