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Baby has stopped sleeping in his!

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tinyk Fri 07-Dec-12 21:38:20

At 14mos our som finally slept through when my parents helped us. DS defeated CC (after a week of strict crying he was WORSE!!!), but by having THEM take him at night he slept through right away. I think he was lonely and wanted DH or I after cosleeping for so long, but when he coslept with my parents for one night, and the next night my parents came to him he stopped waking up. After a week he slept through consistently, no shot wakeups or anything. I think he wanted rather than needed us but we weren't able to tell the difference (too much love wink). So possibly getting someone else to go in might help - as a note we don't see my parents very often as they are an 8 hour plane ride away. So they were basically strangers to him which might have helped?

goatwillow Fri 07-Dec-12 12:42:58

I'm afraid I can't offer a solution but am in a similar predicament and would be intersted in anyone's help! When I went back to work we brought my DS into bed with us when he woke up and wouldn't settle quickly. Initially this was only occasionally and happened in the middle of the night. Now he seems to be in a routine of waking at around 10 and wailing until we bring him into bed with us. We haven't always gone to bed by then so it is becoming quite disruptive. Am anti controlled crying as he gets in a state very quickly - will leave him whining etc for a while but find it very hard when he's standing up hyperventilating with tears. He is now 14 months and we would really like a solution because it seems to be getting worse and there's going to be no hope of us ever leaving him with a babysitter! Any ideas gratefully received!!
Princess - I'm sure your job/routine change will have had an effect. I'm sure the days that I work end up with more disrupted nights and DS in bed with us a lot earlier than when he's been at home with me. But there's no easy solution to that!

PrincessOfWails Wed 05-Dec-12 09:10:58

OK, so it's all my fault, but can I do anything about this?
I have 2 DS, 1 who is 4 and DS2 who is 17m. They share a room.
DS2 has always been a good sleeper. I'm alone with the boys all week because DH works away; over the past few months whenever DS2 woke in the night, which was not often, I would bring him into my bed and co-sleep - it was maybe once every fortnight since September.
The last 2 weeks, he's not been sleeping well at all - teething etc? DH happened to be here as well. In despair we took him into our bed on a number of occasions. Now, he wakes in the night, and last night I tried to put him back in the cot but he would wake and scream and scream, so he came back in the bed with me.

However, this is a problem. My situation changed a month ago - I got a job which meant leaving the house at 6.30am one morning a week; my Mum takes both the boys overnight, just for that session. (I wonder whether that upset his little routine actually.) Two weeks ago, my Mum had them and DS2 wouldn't sleep, and hasn't slept through the night since! But my Mum has to take them tonight, and I'm worried that he won't sleep in his cot...

How can I retrain him? It's a dicey situation because if he screams enough he'll wake DS1. Should I move the cot into my room and gradually move him back or something?

Gutted - things were going so well!

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