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1 year old not settling at night

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iloveholidays Fri 07-Dec-12 01:37:52

Both my DDs were down to 1 nap after lunch at around 1 year and both settled fine. Is she upset when you put her down or just messing around?

If teeth are bothering her then chances are it old be this. Have you tried calpol before bed to see if it makes a difference ? If so chances are it is discomfort.

Madallie Tue 04-Dec-12 19:38:22

Just in case anyone reads and wants to know routine:

It has been:

7am - wake
10-11 - nap (usually settles fairly well for this)
3-4ish - nap (put her down at 2.15 but takes ages to settle)
7/7.15 - in bed but hasn't been settling until 7.45/8pm

Today has been slightly different because she slept in until 8am as she had been awake for about an hour in the night (due to teeth I think). I always usually wake her at 7am no matter what but she hasn't been herself for a few days so thought it might be best. Anyway today was:

8am - wake
11 am - down for nap (didn't sleep until 11.35) but then slept 11.35-2pm when I woke her for lunch and I we had to go out.
6.45pm - bed but she didn't settle until gone 7.30pm

I don't usually do 1 nap but because first nap was so late and she has been resisting pm nap I thought I'd try it.

Did I do the wrong thing? Could it just be her teeth/developmental?

Madallie Tue 04-Dec-12 19:25:26

dd is taking ages to settle at night and I think is consequently becoming OT but I have no idea how to improve things. It doesn't seem to matter whether she has good naps, bad naps, early bedtime, later bedtime (by which I mean 7.15pm or definitely no later than 7.30pm) she just takes ages ot go to sleep. Sometimes it's almost an hour, even though she is obviously tired!

I think she may be teething, red cgeeks, chewing on hands etc but I have been giving teething powders and Calpol at night but still she doesn't settle well. She doesn't cry though. Could it be due to the teething even though she has had medication or could it just be developmental?

First time mum. I have no idea.

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