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4mth old rolling and head planting in night - HELP worried re smoothering

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SquidgersMummy Tue 04-Dec-12 13:05:31

Just in case anyone else worrying about this - a friend has suggested a rolled up cellular blanket....obvious to those who've slept!


SquidgersMummy Tue 04-Dec-12 10:04:46

She's in a grobag - I wondered in very tightly tucking her in with blankets would help but I am kidding myself as she's just kick them off - thanks though x

frumperina Tue 04-Dec-12 10:02:39

If you don't have her in a sleeping bag might be worth putting her in one. When DD could roll it took her about another 6 weeks before she managed to roll over while in the sleeping bag.

SquidgersMummy Tue 04-Dec-12 09:57:27

My dd is 17wks and going thru all the usual stuff growing, feeding like mad and waking every 90-120 mins at night...but she can also roll into her front but cant get back again. Her cot is attached to my side of the bed so in the past she used to wriggle to her right if she wanted me - now she is rolling and ending up face down on the mattress half asleep. It wouldn't be so bad if she'd cry but she just stays face down and she doesn't even have her arms under her. Last night I slept right next to her with my hand and forearm blocking her fm rolling (she didn't really like this), or with our heads touching. Does anyone else's dc do this? Not getting much sleep as it is and worrying she's going to smoother herself isn't helping! We've had this sleep arrangement as a sort of co-sleeping but I can slide away fm her arrangement but this is worrying. At 7.30 she wakes for a poo and a feed and will go back to sleep for a while- she goes inbetween us for an hr and DH takes over so I can grab an extra hr - he keeps saying just put her in the middle all night so we can both watch her but I just wouldn't trust him to remember she's there and the quilt etc would be too complicated.
Any advice much appreciated.

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