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Sudden early waking at 30months

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MummyHorrix Tue 27-Nov-12 11:40:38

I have joined this website as I really need to get some advice on my little nocturnal DD!

My DD is 32 months and has always been a good sleeper. She is on a routine of 7 to 7 and since 2 months ago no lunch nap. She is in Nursery 4 days a week and enjoys it, so routine and timings are pretty much part of her every day life and have been for over a year. At the weekends we try to stick to weekday times, but I have to admit have let this slip a little at times.

However in the last 3 months or so she keep waking at 5:30am and won’t go back to sleep. We have tried letting her cry it out, Gro Clock (which worked for about 4 days!), being sympathetic, being firm, letting her come into bed with us for a bit. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for her crying, she isn’t hungry or thirsty – sometimes she may tell me she’s cold so I put an extra blanket on. She now wants to just hold my hand to go to sleep but as soon as I try to go she wakes up again. She used to have a Binki Bear (dummy) at bedtime only, but I managed to get rid of this when she was sick about 6 weeks ago. The sleep problems started before the removal of bear, and she never asks for him. I always let her take some kind of soft toy to bed, she is not attached to any in particular, even if I push one, she wants another.

My DH and I are starting to run out of ideas and just want our good little sleeper back – any ideas are so welcome! xx

Iggly Wed 28-Nov-12 07:07:42

If its the cold, why not set the heating to come on or give her more layers? She might be cold enough to wake but not quite cold enough for it to be uncomfy.

We give ds an extra fleece blanket with his (4 tog) duvet when we go up to bed.

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