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longer sleep for 8 week old

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littleredmonkey Tue 27-Nov-12 09:31:33

All ideas welcome.
Lovely 8 week old. Sleep at night is no more then 2 h 2.5 hours at the most. Trying to ensure he gets a good feed from the breast. He does fall asleep on the second boob. I would put him in his basket either fully a sleep or wakes and goes to sleep. He then stirs at two hours. I am I expecting to much too soon? I feed in bed next to basket nice and quiet no chat no tv. He is changed prior to every feed when he wakes. Friend says when he wakes let him cry and pat him to sleep! I have a simple bed time routine. Change in grow bag feed and sleep two hours later he is awake then he goes less and less waking at hourly times after 4. Day time I s feed at 630 change play. Skin on skin. Feed change play then when he looks tired I try to get him in his basket no chance. I must admit I dont leave him long crying. He coughs so hard it is upsetting so I pick him up. Should I keep putting Jim down and suck it up and let him cry and not pick him up. He will sleep on me no problem. As u can tell first baby and worried missing baby signals. Any tips would really help.

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