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Co sleeping with memory foam mattress?

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Kelbells Sun 25-Nov-12 23:18:19

My DS is 5 weeks and is bf... I had no intention of co sleeping but he settles so much better overnight and as I feel laying on my side we both fall asleep during night feeds.... But I have a memory foam topped mattress and am worried I'm increasing his risk of suffocation with it? He sleeps on his side facing me or on his back... Anyone have any experience or wise words to share with me?

Robbabank Sun 25-Nov-12 23:49:45

Mine all did this too and we all loved it wink. We treated ourselves to a very spacious bed, and a very good, just-firm-enough mattress (from John Lewis - they have great advisers!). BUT I had always wondered about a memory foam mattress for co-sleeping. I wouldn't be too keen on it myself but really have no scientific knowledge to back that up. I am pretty sure however, that all the recommendations would be against mem foam. Have you checked with people who support co-sleeping (such as authors Deborah Jackson, Elizabeth Pantley and Dr William Sears)? If you don't find a specific reference to memory foam I would probably try to find an alternative and in the meantime keep your baby on his/her back.

I assume it's mem foam on both sides, or just topped? If not, is there any way you can turn it over? Or could you just get another (firmish) mattress for the duration? FWIW I fed and slept with each of mine in the same bed (with DH in the spare room - worked best for everyone) for the 1st 5 or 6 months. I had their cot up beside the bed and from about 3 or 4 months old started to put them to bed in the cot to begin with and then brought them in to feed and sleep with me if and when they woke in the night.

You might find the Kellymom website helpful (not just re co-sleeping)

In case you're not already aware of them, I have found these books very helpful on the sleeping 'thing':

You could also try making contact with some of these authors via their websites to see what they think.
Happy snoozing.

cloggs142 Mon 26-Nov-12 00:00:40

i have absolutley no idea wether or not it is supposed to be okay to co-sleep on a memory foam mattress.......but i did with my ds. i was in exactly the same situation as u, no intention of sharing but when they are bf sometimes its just easier. at least that way we both got a little sleep between feeds! lol. Anyway, i never had any problems with it, mine is memory topped too, and from the word go ds slept better on that than on his cot mattress. like i said i have no idea if it is advisable or not, but my son is now almost 20 months, and the only bad thing thats come out of that hes bloody spoilt and wont sleep on his own cot matteress. hahahaha. smile

MumblingFanjoChops Mon 26-Nov-12 00:03:43

Hello Kelbells, we started co-sleeping when my son was 3 days old in our bed, our mattress is full memory foam. Apart from my son getting hot due to the mattress protector underneath we haven't had any issues, it never seemed to stop him from moving whilst he was asleep and now he won't sleep on anything other than MF! Obviously it's best to be as safe as you can and follow all the relevant safety guidelines for co-sleeping but I'd maybe try a nap with him and see how he behaves on it, be mindful of pillows and use blankets instead of duvets if you are able to. Hopefully the links that Robba has provided give you some extra information too.

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