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11.5mo - What am I doind wrong

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Madallie Sat 24-Nov-12 15:16:30

Our routine is:

6.30/45 - wake
9.45 0 up for nap (sleep 10-11)
2.15pm - try to put dd for nap (she seems tired at this time - but takes 30mins to 45 to sleep - this happens whether I put her down earlier or later too)
7pm/7.15pm - bed (used to fall asleep in 10ish mins now can be upwards of 40mins)

Just not sure what I'm doind wrong. I posted here before an got some lovely people offering me what seemed like great advice - to put dd down earlier for nap 1 and wake her after 30-45mins in am. Then put down for 2nd nap 2hrs 30/45mins after.
E.g. nap 1 - 9.30-10.15
nap 2 - 1-3.00pm

I haven't tried this yet for a few reasons:

1. She goes down well for 1st nap and we generally have to wake her after an hour (so we have some hope of PM nap before 4pm) so I know she would sleep longer.
2. I don't like to wake her, have spent so long helping her learn to sleep.

Has anyone had success with shortening am nap and getting longer pm nap? I can't see dd sleeping for 2hours. She never has before - ever in the day!

I am tempted try for 1 longer nap but not sure if I will royally mess it all up. A couple of times when she's woken early at like 5.30am and not resettled I've out her about 9.30 for a nap (4hours awake time) and she's slept for 1.5hrs.

Am wondering whether I could do, 6.45am - wake 11/11.30 nap - maybe then I'd get 1.5 or 2hrs.

What would you do. Persevere with the 2 or try the 1 nap?

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