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20mo and every bedtime still a battle :-(

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sleepdodger Fri 23-Nov-12 21:54:36

Just that
Used to be a bit better then ear infection followed to build up to pox and now chicken pox means ds seems to have forgotten how to to sleep and have huge seperation anxiety
Always been poor sleeper a s causes huge amount of stress to dh abd me
Hasn't realised just how much till baby sat friends daughter who's sane age and bed was milk teeth bed abd er sleep
It was so odd to me
To have an evening without knots of sadness
To feel clueless about what to do next
To never want siblings for ds because we know we can't go through this again
... Abd tge realisation that it isn't like this for everyone and actually is far from normal
I just feel sad and shattered

McLurkin Sat 24-Nov-12 17:18:27

Oh you poor thing. no advice I'm afraid, just commiserations. DD is the same - a terrible sleeper from day one, we finally tried cc at our wits end at 11mo and it 'worked' after a horrific week of listening to her go mad. but since then - she is now 2y4m - we just go in and out of 'good' phases, where she whimpers for up to 30mins but goes to sleep relatively peacefully, and bad phases where she jumps up and down screaming with rage and takes lots of cuddles/songs/calming down before I can feel comfortable leaving her.

It is exhausting and I am continually questioning myself as to whether we are doing the right thing, whether we did something really wrong early on etc. I get so wound up listening to her cry, I just hate it, but having tried all sorts of 'gentle' methods that just drag out bedtime for hours and hours, have come to the conclusion that I have to leave her crying most of the time. I have a 7mo ds too and really need that two hours post bedtime to eat/tidy up/recover from the day.

DS though sleeps like a dream, and has done since the moment he was born. it is SO wonderful, and helps me feel better about dd in a way - in taht it seems to point more to it being a temperament thing, not something I have created.

So hopefully someone further along the road will come along and tell us it will all end soon!

haloflo Sun 25-Nov-12 20:37:50

My DD is nearly 20 months and bedtimes are hard too. what do you do now? what your routine? does she nap?

haloflo Sun 25-Nov-12 20:38:31

he sorry, i realise you have a ds!

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