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Night weaning dilemma

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helgaw99 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:22:28

Hi all
Having a big dilemma with my 8m DS. He hasn't slept through for months, always has at least 1 feed in the night. For the last 3 weeks he has been waking to feed, taking ages about it and not going back to sleep for about an hour. He seemed to be suckling for comfort rather than food. So we decided maybe he didn't need to feed and was ready to night wean. We decided that we would try taking the boobs out of the equation. So my husband got him when he woke up, he very quickly became hysterical so we decided he must be hungry and gave him a bottle. He sucked down 8 oz, then went back to sleep quite easily! So he must have needed it. We did the same again last night and he repeated it.
Does this mean he is not ready to night wean? Should I just carry on BF in the night? Or will it be easier to night wean from a bottle that we can reduce over time?
If we carry on with this, he will be getting most if his milk between 7pm and 7am. He already has 7pm 7oz, 11pm 7oz and now 4am 8oz!! Seems like a lot!
In the day he has 3 meals plus 2 BF and 2 4oz bottles.
Any thoughts?

helgaw99 Fri 16-Nov-12 19:05:54

Hopeful bump!

Jellybellyrbest Sat 17-Nov-12 08:39:07

Hmmm: in a similar position with my 7 MO DD. She slept through 8W -21W & since then has been waking for one to two feeds between 20.00 & 06.00. Now it seems she's BF 4hourly again. She's teething & not sure If the feed is a comfort thing or a nourishment thing.

FWIW I stopped BF my 5yo DD at 7.5m & she kept up her 4am feed for 2 more mths. (And never really slept well & still wakes me regularly during the night :-/).

So I'm afraid I can't add a'thing, but I'm watching with interest. Last night DD went to sleep at 8, wakened at 23.45/04.20 & 08.00. At 04.30 I caved in as the dummy just wasn't cutting it & I fed her for 10mins. Her daytime feeds are 4-6 mins now. Is she starving or is it hanging on there for the comfort?!! Don't relish the thought of taking her comfort away, but I'm fed up being a shouty ratty mum to my older DDs & having so little sleep. DD's daytime naps are 30mins *3 ATM so I'm not getting a window of 'me-time' anywhere to get things done.

I'm hoping someone wise will come along soon. Sorry; that was long & I didn't mean to hijack your thread!

helgaw99 Sat 17-Nov-12 12:15:33

Hopefully someone can give us some words of wisdom. At least we are not alone!

Last night decided to BF him as bottle didn't really help. He woke at 2.15am- killer! Fed for ages. Then again at 5.45am, fed for an hour, still hungry, had to give bottle then it was up for the day!

Maybe my supply is reducing?

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