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Back to 2 naps after having only 1?

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minibmw2010 Thu 15-Nov-12 09:08:24

My 17 (nearly 18) month old DS has gone back to having/needing 2 naps, is this usual? Is it a sleep regression type thing? He was generally doing OK on 1 nap from about mid-day to 1.30/2 and then was quite poorly for a week and obviously slept loads then. Since then he's only slept well during the night on days he's having 2 naps. So generally he's waking up about 6.30, first nap is 9 for about 40/50 minutes and then he's ready again by 2.30 for another hour and a half (or so). We generally start bedtime by 7 so he's in bed asleep by 7.30.

Should I be trying harder to make him stay awake for only one? Usually my thought is if he wakes after 7 he can cope until 11.30 or so, before 7 he needs 2 sleeps.

He goes to Nursery Mondays & Tuesdays and has 1 nap of about 1hr30 there, it seems he spends the rest of the week trying to catch up but I worry I'm not helping him by letting him have 2 the rest of the week.

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