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Argh one thing now another!!

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Turnipno1 Wed 14-Nov-12 15:09:01

So my little boy is 7 weeks old today. First issue to get over was that he suffers from quite bad colic, he was awake screaming from 10pm to 2am like clockwork, I introduced infacol and he has been to see an osteopath and this is now a lot better and last week he was dropping off at 11pm and doing 3 to 3.5hr sleeps. Great happy mummy all good with the world smile
This week - well the last 4 nights I have gone to put him down and he will feed but then bam if he doesnt have a little colic fit hes wide away wanting to be entertained, he used to feed to sleep - last night he was wide awake from 9.30 to 1.30. I am trying not to engage in playtime with him but then he cries and goes supersonic on me.
Am wondering why this is happening - development spurt? do I need to demonstrate the daytime/night time more to him? Once I get him to sleep he's fine and sleeps 2.5 - 3 hrs between feeds.
Also he comes up to bed with me/I go to bed with you think I should Be putting upstairs earlier and just checking in on him?? He has also only just moved from sleeping with me to sleeping next to me in his basket (before last week when I saw the osteopath he point blank refused to sleep anywhere but on me day or night, now he seems happier to).
What do you think I should do better routine? (ok I know he's to little for a routine but he can become familiar with things I guess)

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