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Could my son buck the trend?

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monkeyblonde Tue 13-Nov-12 14:39:12

My DS is nearly 14 months old,since 4 months has been a shocking sleeper. Has STTN once (on my birthday, good lad!) but generally we're talking about 3-5 NW per night. I have tried various nap combos as surprisingly he's a good napper in the respect that he'll happily sleep for up to three hours in one nap. Probably because he's nights are shocking.

However I have no idea what nap pattern would help the nights, or if the day sleep is jeopardising the nights? He rarely shows tired signs in the day or at bedtime, for naps I BF him, he falls asleep and I put him down. At night he falls asleep alone but with me sat next to the cot, normally holding his hand.

Is he really tired in the day? Or am I forcing the nap through feeding and therefore reinforcing the NWs? Any ideas?

forevergreek Tue 13-Nov-12 14:46:26

I would try a nap at 1pm for 2 hrs min. If he will I would still also have an am nap at 9.30 for 30 mins to prevent overtiredness

monkeyblonde Tue 13-Nov-12 14:50:05

That's been my schedule for the past few days, with poor results. Should I just carry on?

Today though, he slept from 1-1.30! And now I don't know where I am!

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