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I don't think I can do this much longer :-(

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sleepdodger Mon 12-Nov-12 19:53:47

Ds 19 mo is getting worse not better at sleeping
Last night was 3.5 hr in total
He has an war and chest infection a week ago which with anti b went and we were back on form but now it's back to CIO to get to sleep which is hideous
I work ft and feel like I only ever see a wailing chip who won't sleep
He's a really active boy v energetic and has never been baby who would drop off he just worked himself into more of a rage
It's now getting harder and making me physically Ill through exhaustion
Dh and I take it in turns each night but we're all so worn down
When will this 'phase' end
I look so enviously at friends sleeping babies and just think how nice it must be to feel normal and enjoy each other not dread each evening :-(
Is this age particular bad for something, teeth (think he has then all), anxious etc
Shoul say we co sleep when particularly tough but that just results in him being wide awake poking eyes beeping nose chatting etc
During day routine is up 730 (depending pn night) milk 8am nursery, fruit snack at 11 lunch at 12 nap 1-230ish tea at 4 home at 6 bed 730.....
Any suggestions gratefully received

BlingLoving Mon 12-Nov-12 20:05:06

Oh you poor thing. I sympathise as we had terrible times with ds and while things are better currently we are not expecting it to be perfect.

The only advice for now is that when things got really bad we found it had become cumulative. So we had done some controlled crying which had been great but when we tried to go back to it after a set back it backfired. It was as if ds got insecure again and freaked out. At which point we did two or three nights in his room, basically on the floor and being with him. Mostly he would just lie there, awake, but quiet. But sometimes he would, Yell or scream and we would just. Sit there with him offering him cuddles without getting him out of crib.

It took a couple of nights to reset him but afterwards we found we could go back to encouraging him to self settle.

It's not easy though and I am massively sympathetic.

FOURBOYSUNDER6 Mon 12-Nov-12 20:21:02

Totally empathise. wMaybe reduce afternoon nap or bring in forward????? I have had sleep issues with my boys and can recommend mill pond sleep clinic who do on line sessions if not local and their book helped a lot. Until sleeping phase passes (and it might be a good while yet although it will pass)) I would recommend going to sleep really early to bank good few hours of quality sleep before the night time wakenings!!!! You need to try to get rest when you can as cant control sleeping habits of babas really Could be a number of reasons why but no matter what I did it only improved rather than cured until age 5 ish x

Tickledyellow Mon 12-Nov-12 20:41:16

Your DS sounds just like my DS. I have posted on this same sleep forum so read if you fancy my tale of woe too. It says something about 18 month screaming for all sleeps as title.

I have since googled it and there is loads about there being a big sleep regression around the 18-20 month period or sometimes a bit before. So hopefully just a phase for both of us.

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