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In an average week, how many times would your 19mo wake in the night?

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rubybambini Sun 11-Nov-12 20:47:42

I'm really not sure what I'm trying to find out with this line of inquiry...maybe just 'is this normal'?! I'm tired, really really tired (and working four days a week on top of sleepless nights), and feel like I've exhausted all options of dealing with night waking, other than just good old-fashioned acceptance that this is the way it is with DD - she's never been a 'good' sleeper, or perhaps I'm just naive.

Our DD is just 19mo, and I would say that in an average 7 nights, she'll wake up 3-4 nights.

Other nights, she goes down at her usual 7pm, and wake at 6.30 / 7am. She often shouts and screams in her sleep, just for seconds, but it seems she does it when she's moving around, and still asleep.

If she wakes it's usually 2am or 5am, and will moan and groan (not purple-faced screaming) for a good couple of hours. We'll go in, see if she needs water, or if she's too hot too cold etc, and usually it seems nothing obvious is wrong. Sometimes, we bring her in with us, then take her back to her cot 20 mins later, and she'll usually drop off then.

Her daytime nap is 12ish til 2ish. She eats very well. She's very active, very chatty to the point of never being quiet. She's in nursery 4 days a week.

So...tell me, your 18/19mo - how many times in an average week would s/he wake?

BlingLoving Mon 12-Nov-12 22:07:45

Have you tried a bottle on grizzly nights? 18 month ds is about the same as your dd. which is a huge improvement for us. But we find some nights he just needs a bottle for some reason and will winge a bit until he gets one.

HippieHop Mon 12-Nov-12 22:15:04

My twins are nearly 18 months and wake up every night, at least twice each. I DREAM of the day they sleep through (hasn't happened yet)

JugsMcGee Wed 14-Nov-12 21:41:13

At 19m DS was waking twice a night every night. Now, at 20.5m, he has started almost sleeping through. He'll go til 5.30/6, sometimes he'll settle himself or we go in and give his back a rub and he goes back off until 7.30 smile

rubybambini Fri 16-Nov-12 12:03:51

I feel everyone else's pain, but, glad I'm nowhere near alone with this.

Unbelievably, we've had four, FOUR!, consecutive nights of sleeping through, with some yells at 3am this morning, but that's been the worst of it. I've added Nytol and ear plugs into the mix, for me, too, so I'm not doubt sleeping through any of DD's shouts when she's actually asleep herself.

Could this

I'm laughing at my own optimism =)

Good luck to all of us!

DW123 Fri 16-Nov-12 13:38:03

Sorry I sounded so grumpy on my duplicate posts! Bad night... Good luck (if it happens once it can happen again). I'm very cheered by the number of posts saying sleep improved around 19-20 months. Its always good to have hope!

Chesterado Sun 18-Nov-12 08:55:40

At that age dd was still waking most nights and was up for at least two hours each time. It was grim but she did finally grow out of it around two

Moominsarescary Sun 18-Nov-12 09:05:40

Ds3 is 20 months and wakes up at least once a night. I'm due in feb so also hoping he starts sleeping through soon

PavlovtheCat Sun 18-Nov-12 09:08:49

Dd woke 3 out of 7 nights! Very approx
Ds woke 2-4 times a night, every night so that will be 14-28 time a week. Average probably 20 times. But every night without fail.

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