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Pantley pull off help!!!

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Nightmoves Sun 11-Nov-12 05:28:04

Hi all

This is my first post and really hoping someone can shed some light on this for me as am reaching the end of my rope!!!!
My LO is nearly 8 months and has been a terrible sleeper from about 12 weeks (previous to this I thought I had hit the jackpot as he had settled into sleeping 6 hours straight!!). Not only does he take a long time to settle, but he wakes up constantly. Start of the night its every 40 mins to an hour, longest stretch in the middle of the night 2 hours. He sleeps with me now totally as no energy to keep getting up and down to cot, although this was never The Plan. For a long time he was in crib to begin with then in with me, but was taking 2 hours to put him down and he would be awake again so soon we, or i should say I, now just settle him in bed. He wakes as often but is quicker to settle. We have a pretty good routine and i try to ensure 2 naps during the day, although these could be longer (surprise - not a good napper either). Have had him checked at docs and they say he is fit and healthy.
The waking does seem to have become worse recently, coinciding with me trying ideas from pantley's NCSS. He will now accept pull off with minimal fussing but it certainly is NOT helping him sleep for longer stretches. I am breastfeeding and nursing is usually the only way to settle him although he does accept cuddles instead on occaision.
I know BF and co-sleeping increase the number of times baby wakes, and I love doing both, even the co-sleeping as it turns out, but cannot continue like this. Soooo tired during the day and is defo affecting my mood. Am so miserable at times. Poor hubby can't really help as DS only wants me at night too (he can sleep thru the majority of wakings!!!!).
I know I may have to bite the bullet and put DS in another room to sleep, and come up with the energy for this somehow, but just wondered if the latest horrendousness could be due to pull off use? Am thinking about stopping doing it or should I keep on?? ANY advice greatly appreciated!!!

JellyMould Sun 11-Nov-12 06:07:28

Pantley pull off helped us (a bit!) so I can't see why it should make things worse unless he is already half asleep when you do it. Dontforget her suggestion to keep a sleep diary and try things for 2 weeksbefore you decide whether it works.

How is he eating during the day? Or could it be teething?

Waking that often suggests discomfort to me, so I'd make sure that and hunger weren't an issue (by giving calpol and porridge at bedtime). Other issue might be indigestion from

JellyMould Sun 11-Nov-12 06:08:30

Sorry, from lots of night feeds.

SunsetSongster Sun 11-Nov-12 06:50:18

Hello. Massive sympathies as I went through a very similar year and now how hard it is. We went to a sleep consultant (Millpond) in the end and I think the main thing that helped was having someone telling us to keep going on as before as you would describe we would try something different and things would get worse and we would give up. I think when you change something - such as trying the pull off - things will get worse but if you stick with it things will improve.
For what it is worth we did (very!) gradual retreat, reduced night feeds by a minute every few nights and did the last bedtime feed before his bath to break the feed to sleep association. DS is now 2 and has been probably sleeping through 95% of the time for a year (though he does wake very early but as he isn't waking 8 times a night I can live with that). Lots of luck - sure you will get there too.

Nightmoves Mon 19-Nov-12 21:26:31

Thanks for the replies,
Jellymould - teething is an issue on and off but don't think it is the main culprit. Have tried cal

Nightmoves Mon 19-Nov-12 21:42:57

Sorry - posted too soon!!

Calpol and brufen etc with no effect. Don't think hunger is the issue as he is a pretty good eater and have tried various foods with no effect (inc baby risotto which filled my big tummy up never mind his!!). Have also tried increasing BF during the day and he nurses 3 hrly without much fuss.

Sunsetsongster - very interesting re the sleep consultant. It is something I would consider if things don't improve. Feel it would require such a shift I would want some professional advice to ensure I don't screw it up totally! Can I ask, when reducing the duration of the BF, what did you do if your DS wasn't done nursing when the time was up and fussed when you removed boob? It is great to know you managed to effect some positive changes, gives me hope!! Altho I see a lot of posts with similar probs to mine and much older babies...

Many thanks!!!

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