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Sudden short pm nap in 7 month old

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moojie Fri 09-Nov-12 21:26:31

My ds2 has always been a great sleeper unlike his older brother who was a chronic 45 min napper. Ds2 used to sleep 1.5- 2 hrs in the morning and similar in the afternoon. We just dropped the late afternoon catnap about a month ago.

The last 10 days or so have been really busy and with him being dc2 it is not always possible to stay in for his naps. He is a tummy sleeper and will only sleep 30mins to the second in the car seat but will usually transfer into his cot or buggy (lies on his front in p&t) and continue his nap. Last week I think I pushed him too much and he was late going down for some naps and there was a day where he only had 2 x 30 min naps all day but he seemed fine and still sleeping well at night.

This week it seems to be falling apart a bit. Waking once or twice in night but will resettle easily but I've been letting him lie in until he wakes (this morning 8.30) which means we have had no structure. He goes for a morning nap around 2 hrs after waking and usually sleeps well 1.5 hrs and wakes happy. The afternoon nap is a real struggle. He looks tired at around 2 hrs but it is taking me an hour or so to get him off and then he wakes after 30 mins??! He usually self settles and does for the morning but I now need to rock him for the afternoon. He then wakes grumpy and whiny and clearly tired. If I can get him back off he will sleep 2hrs or so but if not he just whines his way to bedtime at 6.30.

How can I correct this over tiredness? Also how do you manage the younger ones naps when you have to be out and about for the older one?

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