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sleep regression 14 month old

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jan2013 Fri 09-Nov-12 07:33:23

dd every night this week has went from sleeping in her cot to coming to my bed around 2am - i tried sitting beside her cot to re settle and its just to hard and cold and i thought it would be easier. so now every night she comes in, and i don't sleep well, she is also teething, i give pain relief but these past 2 nights have been awful. i am completely knackered and am worried that ive got her in bad routine by coming into my bed now. the thing is, i think once her teething sorts itself out, she will sleep in a bit better in my bed as she knows im there. its all so hard at the minute to keep going, especially these 5am starts after a bad night. i will try to keep her up as long as possible this morning to get her napping back to around lunchtime (she doesn't nap for long anyway). anyone any more suggestions, thanks

jan2013 Fri 09-Nov-12 07:38:13

just to add i try to keep her up to around 8

jan2013 Sun 11-Nov-12 07:23:34

after another night where she was up for 4 hours during the night, i couldn't cope and mum took her for the night. she slept for mum ALL night. what am i doing wrong? can anyone help? i can't go on like this. i have had one nights sleep as mum has had her, and i just can't go back to no sleep every night, she obviously CAN sleep through. should i not bring her into my bed and persevere beside her cot when she cries? btw, mum had her in her bed as they had no cot and she stil slept through, and slept IN. I really cannot believe it, and mum doesn't lie.

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