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10 month old up from 12-2am

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Fresh01 Tue 06-Nov-12 09:31:51


Looking for ideas as to why DD3 has been up from 12-2am for the last 3 nights?

She will go back to sleep in our arms but as soon as you put her down again she screams. You can rub her back as she lies in the cot but again if you stop and leave the room she screams.

She was bf once a night till a month ago when she started sleeping through. Now fully on bottles but not keen to feed her overnight as she is going back to sleep around 2 till 7am and not fed till breakfast till 7.30 so don't think it is hunger.
Have tried teething powders and calpol in case it is a tooth but it makes no difference.
Don't think it is pain waking her as she stops crying when you walk in her room.
She has a regular bedtime, cuddly bedtime toy, a music box she listens too.
Tried an extra layer of clothes last night in case it was cold but it made no difference.
No signs of ill health.

This is Dc4 so been through many sleep challenges over the years so given I am completely shattered today I am trying to work out what I am overlooking in the hope we can all get some sleep again soon.

Wowserz129 Tue 06-Nov-12 09:33:36

Probably separation anxiety. Very common at 10 months.

My son is also 10 months as I have to sit and hold his hand till he's asleep an continue to do so every time he wakes up through the night or he screams blue murder!

Fresh01 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:20:21

Think you may have been right. Last night after 15 mins I decided to keep her company and sleep in the spare bed which is next her cot. She went back to sleep and slept till 7 : )

Thank you for the suggestion. Hopefully it is a short phase.

FreelanceMama Thu 08-Nov-12 18:35:31

Same problem here although handholding isn't enough for our one. We're putting the travelcot in our room tonight and if he does just as OP describes (as he did last night at 1am, and 4am) he can sleep close to us again. He's v clingy during the day at the moment and upset whenever I leave him with his Dad just to work in another room. Is yours like this too?

Fresh01 Fri 09-Nov-12 13:19:44

Yes, DD3 has become clingy in the last 2 weeks when I go out of the room or someone takes her and walks away from me. She has done it a couple of times with my mum who she sees at least once a week and just this morning with DD1 carrying her out of the bathroom away from me. She usually adores DD1.

I do recall saying the other 3 all went through this phase as they were leaning to walk which is the stage she is at at the moment.

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