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11 week baby sleep issues

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Rosa87 Tue 06-Nov-12 08:02:58

Hi everyone, my 11 week baby sleeps from 6.00pm to 12midnight which is great but after 12 he wakes up every two hours then stays awake from 4.30. I know 6hours is great for his age but its driving me mad.
I've tried setting his bedtime later but he still wakes up at 12.
Just feels like its never going to end.
Any help would be great, thank you

teacher123 Tue 06-Nov-12 08:47:47

My advice would be to keep the 6pm bedtime, and go to bed straight after you've had your dinner. I used to find if I could get 3 hours in before midnight I could cope a bit better. Keep the nights boring, don't play with him or take him downstairs or even put lights on if you can help it. At this age DS would wake every day at 5am, no matter when he had fed previously, so would feed at 4.15, then wake at 5... The only way we got through it was to bring him in bed with us at that early waking, and he'd snuggle right in between us and we'd all doze till around 6.30. This stopped when he was about 18 weeks and he started getting through the 5am barrier. Do you think he's cold? That can cause early waking, now I wrap DS up more and our heating comes on at 4am which seems to help a bit.

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