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How do I reset DD's sleep?

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SplashOfMilk Mon 05-Nov-12 14:39:43

I seem to have done something wrong and messed up my 11mo DD's sleep (and eating) patterns in the last month. She's waking every 1-2 hours at night and barely napping at the moment - just 30 minutes so far today and she woke at 6.30. How on earth can I break this cycle? I'm at my lowest ebb and we all need to get more sleep.
I try to get her to nap at 9 and 1 (she wakes at 7am and goes to bed at 7pm). I've tried very hard to break the association between breastfeeding and sleep. She can fall asleep in the day without feeding and I don't BF between 9 and 6 now. At night she goes in the cot half asleep and can be settled for the first 4 hours without a feed. She's not a great eater of solid food so I'm quite reluctant to nightwean. I'm so exhausted that I just can't be consistent at night anymore and co-sleep/bf after 11 until we get up.
She slept through between 6 weeks and 4.5 months and the best sleep we've had since then was at 7 or 8 months when she only woke 2 or 3 times a night. Even last month was better. I really am struggling to cope now and keep wondering where I am going wrong and how to stop it. She's such a happy, lovely little girl despite this and her reluctance to eat anything other than bread, bananas and yogurt...
Any ideas??

SarryB Tue 06-Nov-12 12:00:15

No help sorry, just bumping it up!!

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