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11 week old screams before naps

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6980 Fri 02-Nov-12 16:18:14

My 11 week dd sleeps great at night. We have a bedtime routine of breast feed, bath, bottle feed then story and she usually falls asleep on her own very peacefully. She'll sleep from about 7:45 until 2:30, feed for about 20 minutes then sleep until we get up around 6:30.
Daytime naps are a different story however. I manage to get her to nap several times but only after lots of loud crying and me either rocking and walking or having her in the sling or pram. She seems to need a short nap around 8 then a long (2 hours plus) at lunch the anolher 2 short naps before bed...around 4-5 hours in total
She is happy playing on her own and when her movements slow (she's an active baby) I pick her up to get her nap started. But this gets her crying loudly. If I put her in her day bed she actually quietens down but despite her eyes closing several times won't go to sleep.
A few weeks ago I was managing to get her down for one nap from sleepy but it seems to be getting worse - presumably cos I'm doing so much movement with her the rest of the time.
Any suggestions?

lljkk Fri 02-Nov-12 21:03:18

Long walks in the pram?
Sorry, but that was all that worked with DC4. He just didn't nap well.
He's 4yo & lovely now!

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