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Advise for almost 11mo

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Madallie Fri 02-Nov-12 15:25:34

Just after some advise really.

After lots of not good months dd has started (fingers crossed) to sleep better at night. However this is often linked to good daytime sleepint too.

At the moment, she goes down fine for he am nap (approx 3-3.5hrs after she wakes). She sleeps between 1hr and 1hr 20mins. She then seems tired again 3 hrs after.

Recently she's started fighting this sleep, even though I think she seems tired.

First I started putting her down 15 mins later in pm because I thought after 3hrs of A time she maybe wasn't tired. Those 15 mins made it worse as believe it or not she seemed to get overtired and REALLY struggled to get to sleep.

Anyway today I tried putting her down just before 3hr mark (so hopefully she'd be asleep at 3hr mark!) but she just talked chatted fussed for 45 mins. She didn't cry, just moaned and each time I went in, just looked exhausted!

I just don't know what to do from her on in. I'm lost as to what to do tomorrow and I feel rewally tied to the house all day as she won't nap in her pushchair when out.

Any ideas or advice! I'm stuck!


Madallie Fri 02-Nov-12 16:10:02

Just to add, she feel asleep at 3.15pm (that's 3.5hrs of A time since AM nap) and is still asleep now at almost 50mins. So I don't think it could be OT as that usually results in 40/45min naps. I think!

Could she just have been UT but rubbing her eyes. yawning anyway?

Honestly after lots of months of trying to read sleepy signs, I so worried about an OT dd. Now I'm just confused!!

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